• To foreign tourists

To foreign tourists

Kakien thoughts

Want to provide our customers width affordable fresh ones.
Yasufumi Goto
First, the tea is fresh lives.

Tea is really good, and balanced, fresh.

The shop is out or if the original taste of raw tea, or how to reproduce the taste? Pursuit, sticking to a single origin, roasting their own process ended up with the idea thoroughly.

As a result, a tea from fresh caught nearly vertical, we have offered a reasonable price.

In my third is a constant feeling far from its founding over 60 years.

Roasting house

The balanced, fresh roasted to reproduce their

The balanced, fresh roasted to reproduce their

The original tea flavor
In the tea market has been quite can not taste.

And fresh fish, when compared to those days had passed, to feel fresh and delicious, the same is true for tea.

In all our stores, in balanced order to reproduce the fresh, we conducted our own roasting green tea.

You know that appreciated walking down the street, the aroma and taste of tea floating in the area.

Green tea is roasted in-house videos here ↓

Its processing

Responsible for the content and quality check.

The processing and to do all the work yourself, do a check for one on one with our tea,
You can check the quality of the product can be responsible for the content.

I can also taste it yourself,what can best be served

Processing company has begun doing 20 years ago.

Nagoya’s teahouse in the old days, the tea is processed in-house had been sold, minus.

But recently, something that has circulated in the familiar tea handy convenience stores and supermarkets, shops with a commitment just became less.

The shop is really tasty tea from a wish to offer, and their processing.

The following are some of the processing flow of the company.

1.Tea rough
1.Tea rough

Tea and rough is the primary processing products were processed in tea leaves and tea factory.


In the scales, tea has become rough grain tea, tea leaves large, small tea leaves, tea powder will sorting them.


By the firing, we will pull the smell and taste to tea.

Before the firing and, after the burning, the taste of the tea, taste, smell comes surprisingly different.

4.Check the final
4.Check the final

Check the taste and aroma with a final check,
Or increase the temperature of burning, or decrease or increase the time, was to taste the best on and with short, we are in the bag.

Because life is short of delicious tea,
The shop is just the necessary amount needed for this task performed frequently,
We are committed to providing our customers fresh tea.

Processing company videos are here ↓

The origin of one picky

The tea tastes vary depending on the weather and skills of farmers.

The tea tastes vary depending on the weather and skills of farmers.

Therefore, in our shop,

every year,come directly to the origin of raw materials and tea,try a tea of the year's trends

This year has a strong bitter, less astringent, such as clear trend.

Good producer of tea from all over, and

We try to purchase something distinctive quality.

Always want to provide flavor and taste of drinking days.

Matcha, we have sold in a loose style with 20 units of grams.
Recently, we also carried out consultations in a little more sell.

As you like what you like.
The style called.

How could also provide this
The shop, what is the difficulty of doing the roasting and processing their own.

Matcha is also short of a life
A long shelf life because they are not,
The shop is just enough to the required amount of each Matcha
We are pulling, you can always offer something fresh.

Please feel free to consult us.

Matcha video is here ↓